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Myself and my son get Father & Son haircuts here. They do a great job. They are very good with him at 2 years old. Sometimes we clip him at home but from time to time we bring him for a nice cut. I have been going here for years, the son is a new wrinkle. -Google User

Some people are crazy to not recommend Positive Directions. I would have to disagree with you both I have been going to Positive Directions for 3 years now. I see Trina and she is the best. She foils me with tricolor and gives me the best cuts she allways suggests new looks. I have several friends that go there as well some with Trina and some with the other girls not one of us have had a bad hair cut. I Would Highly Highly recomend Positive Directions Trina does my hair my facial my eyelash tints and mani pedi. – Michelle C – insiderpages

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